Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is Tiny Living For You?

These days, Tiny living is all the rage in a big way. There are even TV shows featuring living small. And let's face it: When it comes to real estate, aside from location, it's almost always true that the smaller you go, the less you pay, as square footage is king when it comes to finding most home values.

This week, Curbed Los Angeles will be running features for their first ever Micro Week. Their focus will be "five days' worth of stories, photos, and minuscule floorplans that celebrate the grand tradition of small-space living. We'll tour small homes, explore the city's smallest neighborhood, and so much more!"

So, are you ready to downsize? Whether it's a tiny condo or a teeny-weeny house that we in the real estate industry like to refer to as a "condo alternative", tiny living is more popular than ever. Take a look at Curbed Los Angeles's first feature How 7 Tiny Home Dwellers Learned to Love Micro Living

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