Friday, March 22, 2019

SOLD! - Brand New Construction - Modern Townhome in 18-Unit Community

Scored this brand new 3-Bedroom 4-Bathroom townhouse w/ direct access garage for my first time homebuyers! Amazing location with stunning views of the Hollywood Hills. Just blocks to Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Bowl.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Some Tips On Saving Up For Your Home Purchase

You can save more cash for a down payment on your new home purchase faster than you ever dreamed, and without too much inconvenience, if you try some of these money-saving tips:

Add to that:

1. Eat most or all Meals At Home (Saves $10,000/year)
2. Wash your own car (Saves $400/year)
3. Get a roommate (cuts your rent in half - Could save on average $10,000/year)
4. Cut back on nights out - especially cocktails. You'll suffer fewer hangovers and (Saves $5,000/year)
5. Brew your own coffee at home. (Saves $500/year)
6. Cut your cable and stream your TV (Saves $1200/year)
7. If you're a 2-car family, try going down to one. It's easier than you think AND can save most of you a minimum of $6,000/year (Saves $6,000/yr - car payment/insurance/maintenance).
8. Cut your visits to barber/salon in half (Saves $350/year)

Just these tips alone could save you close to $35,000 in just one year, which could easily be a down payment to get you into a condo or single family home. Call Gerry when you're ready to buy! 323-528-9989

Sunday, March 3, 2019

SOLD1 4 Bedroom 2 Bath w/ Pool - Rancho Cucamonga $495,000

These first time home buyers decided to look beyond Los Angeles where they knew they could get more bang for their buck. And boy did they! We helped them pick up this stylish, architectural 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home, fully remodeled, and with a pool for just under $500K!