Friday, March 8, 2019

Some Tips On Saving Up For Your Home Purchase

You can save more cash for a down payment on your new home purchase faster than you ever dreamed, and without too much inconvenience, if you try some of these money-saving tips:

Add to that:

1. Eat most or all Meals At Home (Saves $10,000/year)
2. Wash your own car (Saves $400/year)
3. Get a roommate (cuts your rent in half - Could save on average $10,000/year)
4. Cut back on nights out - especially cocktails. You'll suffer fewer hangovers and (Saves $5,000/year)
5. Brew your own coffee at home. (Saves $500/year)
6. Cut your cable and stream your TV (Saves $1200/year)
7. If you're a 2-car family, try going down to one. It's easier than you think AND can save most of you a minimum of $6,000/year (Saves $6,000/yr - car payment/insurance/maintenance).
8. Cut your visits to barber/salon in half (Saves $350/year)

Just these tips alone could save you close to $35,000 in just one year, which could easily be a down payment to get you into a condo or single family home. Call Gerry when you're ready to buy! 323-528-9989