Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The Los Angeles real estate market is really peaking right now. The low inventory of homes on the market is causing multiple offers from the fierce competition amongst the huge number of buyers out taking advantage of the low mortgage interest rates.

But this will not last. Word is spreading to homeowners who have been on the fence about selling and who now want to enter the market because of the record-breaking sales. This will cause an increase in supply and diminish demand.

As quickly as we have seen this market skyrocket over the last couple of months, things could slow down and prices could level off and very likely even take a dip. This is your opportunity to cash in on your investment. Sellers are breaking records with home sales and surpassing the market highs of 2008 before the real estate bubble burst.

Opportunity is ringing your doorbell. Call me if you'd like to discuss selling your home. 323-528-9989.

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