Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The See-Saw Home Buyer Who Will Never Buy A Home

As a Realtor, I meet all types of buyers. There are the ones that are scared to death of the process. There are the ones who are fearless. And then there are the in-betweens. I can counsel all three types to a successful conclusion. Meaning, they will buy or sell a property, once I explain the process and walk them through the steps of placing an offer, getting accepted and into escrow, inspections, and finally closing escrow and handing them the keys.

But then there is the see-saw buyer. One day they are up and excited to buy a new home, the next they are down and finding every reason under the sun to not move forward on a home purchase. You don't want to be the see-saw buyer, because the see-saw buyer will NEVER buy a home. The see-saw buyer will talk themselves out of buying a home every time they begin the process (the telltale sign of a see-saw buyer is one who has gone through the process of searching for a home with one or more Realtors prior to meeting their current agent). I don't want to work with a see-saw buyer, because they will NEVER buy a home.

What is a see-saw buyer? You ask.

A see-saw buyer is one who questions why property values have dropped, and they don't buy because they fear the property's value will never go back up. Or they question why property values continue to increase, and they don't buy because they fear that as soon as they pull the trigger the prices will drop. And no matter how thoroughly we explain to the see-saw buyer why both scenarios do not necessarily end in disaster, they have already made up their mind. In their mind, the way to avoid disaster is to simply never buy.

My advice to all buyers is to ask yourself why you want to own a home. Once you're confident that home ownership is for you, get in touch with a direct lender and find out the mortgage amount for which you will definitively be approved. Then contact me to begin the process of searching for your new home.

It's okay to question the process of buying a home along the way, but if you find yourself talking yourself out of buying every time you set out to do so... you will become a see-saw buyer.

You don't want to be a see-saw buyer.

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